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Fred Chester


Video Productions

Audio Productions

Sweetbay Studios Credits 1997

Disk A

Disk B

Burt's Harmony
Jazz Dog
Jah Watchers Over Jamaica
Who Owns This Cat
Don't You Know
What A Lady
Lonely Girl
Poor Mama
Staight Up
One More Favor
The Treaty That Brought the Buffalo Back
Highway Rambler (ver. 1)
Better Times
Stay All Night
Lack 'a Cornbread Blues
Fast As We Could Go
Fantasy Lover
Follow Your Heart
Magic Dancer
Heard the News
Old Orleans
Straight Shooter
He Don't Hurt Nobody
Never Gonna Fall
Creature Feature
Gale Force Winds
Don't Look Back
Be At Ease
Goodnight Maria
Still Got Some Pride
Wait Tell It Happens
Train Song
Trapped Again
Come Together in Time

Harvest Gypsies "Live" 2005

Pot Logic
Rock & Roll Girl
Fast As We Could Go
Man Of Leisure
Down To The Wire
Gumbo Bowl Blues
One More Favor
Lack 'a Cornbread Blues
1000 Hearts
Train Song

Wide Open Spaces 1978

Cookies Tune "Live"
Feel the Sun "Live"
She Fades In the Sun
Highway Rambler (Ver. 1)
It's Changing
If You Knew
A Camel Song
Partly Home
Dahil Sayo
Not Much Farther On
Here's Your Letter

Time To Listen 1976

Peace and Lovin' Understanding
One of Those Days
New Changes
Child's Play
Satan James
Lucky Lady
Wait Till It Happens (To Me)
Come Together in Time
The Inheritance
Be At Ease

Chester and Evans 1975

For Everyone
Follow Your Heart
Lazy Bones
Not Much Farther On

Harvest Gypsies 2010

Alvin Chesterfred & The Results

Fast As We Could Go
Another Childhood Romance
The Shiner
Too Hot To Handle
Highway Rambler (Ver. 2)
Highway Rambler (Ver. 3)
Lack 'a Cornbread Blues
Life's A Gift (Give a Damn)
Hearts On Fire
A Little Love
American Dream
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