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Mission & Objectives



After over a combined 100 years of experience performing in bands we wanted to give something back to the musician community. Galactic Musician evolved out of all our past gatherings with friends to enjoy performing music and talking shop. We wanted to create an opportunity for musicians to share their story and to post examples of their musical talents like sound recordings and videos. Galactic Musician is also intended to give a peek into what it’s like to prepare for a performance and seeing the audience escape into the sounds. We know a lot about being a musician is learning from others so related topics like instruments, recording and songwriting as well as past/current bands will be a major focus of interviews.


Galactic Musician will primarily cover individual stories and topics of interest related to experienced musicians, but we also hope to inspire others to start their own musical journey. 




Keith Taylor and John Owen










To celebrate musicians through their personal stories and talents


                              1) Interview, showcase and promote selected musicians through media options.

                              2) Maintain an archive record of musicians for current and future interested parties.

                              3) Inform the general public about individual musician's talents and experiences.

Artist Participation Protocol:


  • Galactic Musician is open for all musicians to apply to be recognized

  • Any musician can request a review to be interviewed and showcase

  • Sending historic and new images and video of performances is strongly encouraged

  • Submitting original music recordings is also encouraged  

  • Interviewed musicians are selected by the Galactic Musician management

  • Interviewed musicians are to maintain current contact information with Galactic Musician

  • Interviewed musicians are notified of interested parties for future performances

  • Interviewed musician’s prerecorded original works can be posted or linked to Galactic Musician

  • Interviewed musician’s posted works well be removed upon their request or by Galactic Musician

  • Obtaining any copyright releases on cover songs posted is the musician’s responsibility and liability


Topic Area For Interview

  • Personal Music Journey

  • All About Instruments

  • Performance On Stage

  • The Band Experience

  • Composing Music

  • Recording Music

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